Launching Your Next Big Thing – Step One: A Prelude

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What to Do After the “Aha” Moment: Step One is Vital to Success


Great Scott!  That’s It!!
Jake was taking his dog, Whiskers, for a walk one morning, just like every other morning, when…BAM!  The idea that was going to change the world as we know it occurred to him.  And, it was going to make Jake and Whiskers very rich.  Jake’s ...
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Lessons From Skiing Can Keep Your Company From Going Downhill

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Business and Skiing – Speed, Challenges and THRILLS!

Managing a business reminds me of skiing.  In skiing, as in business, you are going as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles and drop-offs, there is risk, the terrain and conditions are always changing, and the more timely the application of the right actions and reactions, the smoother the ride.

Years ago ...

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