MarketSpace is a consulting firm that helps small to medium-sized businesses accomplish bigger things than they have ever done before.

The GO-TO-GUYS for taking new products to new markets:

  • Identifying Profitable Market Segments
  • Building Value & Pricing Strategies
  • Shortening the Time to Revenue
  • Speeding Up Sales

Strategy • Success Planning

Big strategies and goals need a plan, with enough leeway to overcome the inevitable obstacles and successfully achieve the goal.

Clearly defining your objective, knowing your current position, planning the route, recognizing the obstacles and selecting the right team are essential steps.

MarketSpace has the skills and experience to guide or assist your team during the planning and along the way.

Marketing • Sales

Bringing new products to new markets is the key to raising margins and expanding revenue. Business and line extensions can be very profitable, but it requires crossing new, and sometimes unfamiliar terrain. 

MarketSpace has a proven product development-to-market process, shortening the time to revenue, and market adoption. We have successfully brought dozens of products to a variety of markets, worldwide.

Technology • India

India is an enormous, under-served market with a burgeoning middle-class, a user-friendly regulatory environment, and a self-pay medical market.

MarketSpace can analyze your product or technology to see if the solution fits the economic, regulatory, medical and cultural needs of the Indian market.  If there is a match, we will manage the regulatory and other approvals, launch, distribution and sales.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • ...talented and experienced marketing professionals who understand that good marketing strategy must translate to solid sales results. under pressure and delivers creative yet practical sales and marketing ideas.I will gladly work with MarketSpace on future projects.Managing Director, Andlinger & Company, Inc.

  • MarketSpace provided the road map (also a confidential advisor and sounding-board) with a reality-check audit of our business... –CEO Sitour-USA

  • This team plays where the puck is going to be as far as launching a product. They aim ahead in the marketing game... –Principal, - Digital Waterfall

  • ...technical background and breadth of market experiences...insight, organizational skills, and thoroughness has made for effective product launches of pioneering technologies from ideation to realized product. Simbex - VP of Engineering