Searching for better health care solutions in India, not just better reimbursement solutions.

Everyone, everywhere in the world, wants good health for themselves and their loved ones. But, good health depends on access to world-class health care and medical technology.
India is an enormous, under-served market with a burgeoning middle-class, a user friendly regulatory environment, and a self-pay medical market.
MarketSpace can analyze your product or technology to see if the solution fits the economic, regulatory, medical and cultural needs of the Indian market. If there is a match, we will manage the regulatory and other approvals, launch, distribution and sales.

Shyam Pakala • PhD MBA, India and Technology Lead

Shyam Pakala is the MarketSpace medical
technology lead, global regulatory, and Indian
market specialist.   Dr. Pakala specialty is
immunology.  He began his career as a research
scientist, searching for solutions to chronic

Later, Shyam led business development efforts,
competitive assessment and business analytics for
Medtronic’s venture fund.  His area of study includes
obesity, diabetes, oncology and chronic kidney

Shyam searches the US for technologies that might
be relevant for the rapidly expanding Indian market,
where he and MarketSpace have distribution and
investment resources.