Jackson Hogen

Jackson Hogen

Senior Partner and Co-Founder

MarketSpace Consulting

Sales training, product marketing and creative copy writing.

Jackson Hogen has devoted most of his professional career to product development, marketing, training and writing. After receiving a degree with honors from Yale, Hogen established himself as one of the ski industry’s most creative technical experts throughout a career in the ski and sports industry. His key creative contributions to the industry were in retail sales, technical training, consulting, marketing, product management, product testing and writing countless equipment reviews.

literature on subjects as diverse as risk management, computer software, sales training, telemetry, hospitality Ski Area Management, Snoworld, and Refractive Eyecare.

He currently directs the marketing and R&D for 7eye, a brand of premium eyewear with applications for sports, medical and military uses. He also remains active in product testing and film production, marketing and distribution.

YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Connecticut
Philosophy – Cum Laude Honors